Resting pilgrim, South Corea.

Resting Pilgrim-South Corea_2

Resting Pilgrim: “Why am I here?”
“Yeah. Why have you come to the Camino?”
Resting Pilgrim: “Do you think you know yourself?”
“No, I don’t.”
Resting Pilgrim: “Neither do I.”

No name-Corea

Resting pilgrim. (He didn’t want to say his name.)
South Corea.
French Way from Sarria.


Resting Pilgrim-South Corea_2


Peregrino descansando: “¿Que por qué estoy aquí?”
“Sí. ¿Por qué has venido al Camino?”
Peregrino descansando: “¿Crees que te conoces a ti mismo?
“No, no lo creo.”
Peregrino descansando: “Yo tampoco.”

No name-Corea

Peregrino descansando. (No quiso decir su nombre.)
Corea del Sur.
Camino Francés desde Sarria.





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