Ari and Isa, Spain.

Ari and Isa

Isa: “We are enjoying the Camino. We’ve come together–we are a couple– as a way of proving ourselves, and we are having a lot of fun”
Ari: “It’s been better than we thought.”

Ari and Isa,
French Way from Sarria.

Ari and Isa-2


Ari and Isa

Isa: “Estamos disfrutando del Camino. Hemos venido juntas -somos pareja- como una forma de superación personal y nos está gustando mucho.”
Ari: “Es mejor de lo que esperabamos.”

Ari e Isa,
Camino Francés desde Sarria.

Ari and Isa-2


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