Jordan and Jennifer, U.S.

Jordan: “We first heard about the Camino during a university course about ancient history of Spain which, of course,  mentioned this Pilgrimage. It kind of intrigued us, and we thought, ‘Mmm…’

Jennifer: “What I will remember most is, definitely, the kindness of your fellow pilgrims, especially during the first stages: how they care for you and help you if you are in need,  how everybody is willing to share what they have… It’s really moving.
Now, almost at the end, it’s ok, but it’s different—there is way more people, but less sense of community. Everybody is, I feel, a bit more doing their own thing. ”

Jordan and Jennifer,
French Way from Roncesvalles.


Jennifer and Jordan-US


Jordan: “Descubrimos el Camino en un programa de la universidad sobre la historia antigua de España que hablaba, como no, de esta ruta, y pensamos, ‘Mmm…”

Jennifer: “Lo que más vamos a recordar es la amabilidad de los otros peregrinos, sobre todo durante las primeras etapas: cómo se interesan por ti y te ayudan si necesitas algo, cómo comparten lo que tienen… Es muy emocionante. Ahora, ya casi al final, está bien, pero es distinto; hay muchos más peregrinos, pero menos sensación de comunidad. Todo el mundo va más a lo suyo.”

Jordan and Jennifer,
Estados Unidos.
Camino Francés desde Roncesvalles.

One thought on “Jordan and Jennifer, U.S.

  1. The last 100km from Sarria is a bit over-run, certainly. If I can only get away for a week or so to spend some time on the Camino I prefer to do the end of the Portuguese way from Tui. At least, there, the little metal plates in the stone distance marker pillars haven’t been stolen by souvenir hunters! It must be difficult to contend with those walking the minimum distance when you’ve been walking for so long.
    Enjoy Santiago


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