Sue and Ron, England.

¨We are spiritual people, but not religious. We are buddhists and we came here looking for quietness, but it’s been a bit difficult so far. The first stage ran close to many roads, so there was always the noise from the cars, and last night, in Pontedeume, which was the end of yesterday’s stage, there was a summer festival, with rock bands playing until late, so we had a bit of trouble resting. We are happy, though, we are meeting some really nice people, here, both pilgrims and locals. Very very kind people.¨

Sue and Ron,
English Way from Ferrol.


¨Somos gente espiritual, pero no religiosa. Somos budistas y vinimos buscando tranquilidad, pero no ha sido fácil hasta ahora, La primera etapa pasaba muy cerca de carreteras, así que teniamos el ruido de coches. Anoche, en Pontedeume, que era el final de nuestra etapa, eran las fiestas de verano y tocaban bandas de rock, así que tampoco pudimos descansar mucho. Aún así estamos contentos, porque estamos conociendo a gente muy interesante, tanto peregrinos como locales. Hay gente muy amable aquí.¨

Sue y Ron,
Camino Inglés desde Ferrol.

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